Meditation – give me a break

Don’t we all know at least one person who claims that meditation brought them to a whole other level of living?

What is Meditation? As reported by my friends, it’s a mental break time from everyday’s life which strengthens you as an individual and your visions.

I was curious about finding out if I (as a hyperactive Person with a busy mind) am able to meditate to sort out and clarify my thoughts.

That’s why I’ve done some research on different websites. According to these sites the following points are significant to guarantee a meditation experience for beginners:

  • approx. 10 min silence
  • a comfortable position (sitting, laying)
    > the lotus position
  • a mantra: word/s that help you to let yourself flowing into a higher state of mind
    > ‘Om’, ‘Ham’, ‘Aum’
  • Focus on in-/exhaling
  • Focus on an object without thinking of anything else

I thought – oh, that’s easy!.. but it wasn’t AT ALL.

At first, it seemed a bit like the order ‘don’t think of a blue elephant’ while everyone automatically thinks of a blue elephant. Meditation is tricky… but I was inspired to insist on trying.

Eventually, I managed to meditate for 3 times a week which was a big achievement for a nervous person like me. Did it improve my concentration and the way I’m solving Problems? Yes, it did. I’m living my life calmer and clearer. I’m motivated to keep on meditating and to learn more about meditation an its values.

What are your experiences?



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