Boys, Boys, Toys

I experienced that most men are persevered to make a woman orgasm which is much appreciated. However, there’s something I need to tell you.

This post goes out to all men who feel emasculated or ashamed by sex toys.

Toys bring a special spark into bedrooms. Undoubtedly, they are never going to replace the amazing indescribable feeling of a penis inside us or any other body parts touching us. A sincere touch (physically and mentally) remains one of the most arousing and beautiful things for our body and soul. I wonder – why feeling emasculated when there’s absolutely nothing comparable to you and the power of your embrace? There’s nothing to fear.

Yes, talking about sex can be uncomfortable in some situations. However, after all it’s completely up to you of what you’re ashamed of. Therefore, be more confident! Be open-minded! Awesome sex happens if people interact with each other in an honest and open way. Let’s face it – we all do it and we love it – so, why not talk about sex?

Dear men, I must confess that I’m entirely jealous of women who are able to orgasm by just getting penetrated.  Don’t get me wrong – I love to feel your hardness and how you vary rhythms, frequencies and depths of penetration – it always blows my mind away.

There’s just one little problem… my vagina is biologically not built to be able to climax by penetration only.  Therefore, it has unquestionably nothing to do with you and your skills nor stamina – I just need someone or something who/which focuses on my clitoris (with or without penetration) in order to orgasm. You can’t generalise this fact, of course. Nevertheless, talking to my female friends made me realise that a lot of women agree on this.

Yes, you’re right – fortunately, I’m born with two hands and they actually could do the job. However, there’s a much more convenient way: Using toys. Using my hands seems always like a great alternative but it’s more likely to start hurting than pleasuring my clit with a toy would. Why refrain from using toys if you’re aiming for making me come (maybe even with you 😍)?

There’s a huge rage of various kinds and you shouldn’t hesitate to try all sorts. Find out more about yourself, your preferences and your libido.

At last sex with or without toys is incredible – enjoy yourself!

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