Higher Consciousness

What a crazy term!

The first time I’ve ever heard someone talking about the ‘higher consciousness’ was during my stay in Auckland. A good friend of mine took me to ‘the loft yoga lounge’ where everybody apparently understood the meaning of these mysterious words.

I’ve always been riveted by mystical sounding terms – so, I decided to stay and listen.

There was a young monk who revealed the meaning behind the ‘higher consciousness’ in a quite trivial way: Reaching the higher consciousness basically means that horizon and mind are broaden which particularly leads to a shift of the awareness of our own existence. This maintains a positive influence on our behaviour. The focal point shifts from seeing ourselves as a selfish individual to regarding ourselves as a part of life. The motivation to achieve certain goals transfers from being self-centered to collective.

Obtaining such a high state of mind means being aware of my own power to change something for the better in this world.

Is it worth aspiring to higher consciousness?

I’d say ABSOLUTELY – considering all the terrible, sometimes ridiculous things (for example the delusional ‘Selfie’ cult) that are caused by our self-seeking society while other living organisms face rough times. It’s time to reconsider our awareness of our existence and bring meaning into it.

Your life is a journey from unconsciousness to higher consciousness – Mary O’Malley

If you are interested to learn more – I loved this article written by Mary O’Malley:

The following video explains the meaning and the quintessence of the ‘higher consciousness’:


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