Head, Heart, Vagina

I can’t wait until my head, heart and vagina decide.

It’s a never-ending story: People are (sometimes desperately) determined to find true love, following their own theories while trying not to betray their ideals.
Just like me ✌.

Define LOVE – such a big word… the definition is absolutely personal, whereas there’s no right or wrong. The hunt/desire for love (whatever love may mean to us) is as old as time.

Considering myself as a person who fears commitment and questions some ideals of  today’s society, I caught myself strengthening the case against any kind of relationships.

This had to stop. The willingness to work on my commitment issues awakened. I reconsidered my previous relationships and figured out my own little theory about three aspects that make me fight for a relationship or (in case of lacking one or two) run away.

My rational centre – I’m a sensible person. Therefore, things like an assured income, a reasonable educational background and ambitions are important.

My emotional hub – Feelings, people, places, objects, topics, dreams and hopes – aaah.. isn’t it incredible to have a place where everything is so pure. ‘It feels’… that’s probably one of the best ways to describe it. It simply feels… until it’s been influenced in a good or bad way by something or someone.
Interestingly, I must confess that my heart always ‘glowed’ the brightest of the three ‘areas’ throughout all of the relationships including the ones which would be considered as irrational and questionable. This is (what I’d call) the power of the weirdly amazing feeling called love.

Let’s call it “My Main Department of Lust” – Sex is important to me. I believe that good, effective communication skills and trust in each other provide a basis for incredible sex. Bubbling over with ideas while touching this topic: Finding someone with the ability and the knowledge of the art of a physical, psychological, emotional, artistic and culinary seduction would certainly be the icing on the cake.

To draw a conclusion: If a man is approved by my head, heart and vagina  – I’m going to stay with him until death do us part. The crucial factor isn’t the importance of every single aspect – the representation of this fabulous combination is decisive and makes it worth fighting for.

This is my personal opinion – I’m interested to hear yours.

What did you experience?
What is your theory?
Do we even need a theory?

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