Everything is going to be fine in the end.
If it’s not fine it’s not the end.

Oscar Wilde


10 Obstacles & 1 Engagement

This is the story of my best friend’s engagement. It must be told.

My amiga’s boyfriend texted me two weeks before I was supposed to go on holidays with my amiga. He wanted to catch up for a coffee which left me totally confused. As he knew me well enough, he called me and told me about his intention: ‘I had an idea: I’m going to surprise you guys in Portugal and pop the question.’ – I completely freaked out! 😀 😀 😀 Finally, after one year of ‘preparing’ him to propose (poor guy hehe).

Oh dear, it sounded like a mission which can be easily accomplished.. but we were absolutely mistaken…

Obstacle #1 – wrong dates

The soon-to-be-groom asked his flatmate for support. His flatmate looked for affordable flight tickets – problem: Being too excited to think properly, the groom gave him the wrong dates… However, asking the groom again before actually buying the tickets prevented the two from buying wrong tickets.. uff.

Obstacle # 2 – broke surf camp

Knowing that the flight tickets were sorted, I calmed down. Our flights would be on a Thursday, whereas he would fly over on Wednesday – all good. I got in touch with our Portuguese friends who were excited to organise some things for the engagement.

My phone rang 5 days before our departure… my Portuguese friend was calling to inform me about the latest news: The surf camp where we were supposed to stay, went bankrupt and they are going to close it. Awesome… I didn’t know what to do but luckily, my phone rang again – my Portuguese friend offered us to stay at his house – he and his girlfriend saved us!

Obstacle #3 – Mum’s the word!

We arrived safely in Portugal where everyone (except my amiga) knew what was going to happen during the next day.

The soon-to-be-fiancé asked my amiga’s dad for his blessing on the Sunday before we flew over – she knew about it. That’s why the number one topic was: When is he going to pop the question? We were talking non-stop about it.. She was quite sure that he’s going to propose on Christmas eve and I just thought ‘no, TOMORROW’.

Obstacle #4 – Missing the flight

What a wonderful sunny day! I woke up incredibly enthusiastic. Our host ordered sushi for dinner and was checking the forecast while we were sitting on the veranda. I texted the groom to ensure that he’d be alright. I got a fast response: ‘I’m going to miss my flight!’

Well, let me tell you this: He’s known for his rather unfunny jokes… At first, I believed he’d fool me… I kept texting him furiously and figured out that he wasn’t joking. The train to the airport broke down.

He got to the airport with a 3 hours delay… Desperate to fly to Portugal on this specific Wednesday he ran to the next desk.

Obstacle #5 – Queuing & fully booked flights

He knew that there was another flight to Lisbon – sounds promising so far, doesn’t it… There was just one problem: A huge queue. So, he did the only reasonable thing and started crying and telling everybody his story. That’s how he managed to jump the queue. Eventually, he made it to the front desk but there were no seats left on the flight to Lisbon…

However, the nice lady at the desk yield hope: She found a flight to Lisbon through Munich. He accepted the offer and breathed a sigh of relief.

Obstacle #6 Rearranging

Since we (our hosts and I) knew that he was going to arrive late, we urgently needed to reorganise the evening.. Being in touch with each other on Facebook, we agreed on meeting in the room upstairs to ‘hang up curtains’. We were whispering nervously. Suddenly, my amiga entered the room. Fortunately, we already had adapted our plan to the circumstances before she came in.

Obstacle #7 Sushi Misunderstanding

We spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around the lovely town. At 7pm we started to get very hungry. Our host took us to a cosy restaurant and invited as for tasty sandwiches which should satisfy our needs until dinner.

Our Portuguese friend left to get the sushi afterwards. Meanwhile my amiga and I were returning back home where we waited for the sushi.

Soon after, someone knocked on the door – it was the sushi man delivering the sushi by mischance – ouch… My amiga was totally confused. At the same time our friend’s girlfriend rushed out of the kitchen and screamed at him: ‘Oh no, that’s a misunderstanding – my boyfriend drove to your place to get the sushi!’ – she knew…

In fact our lovely friend drove to the Airport to pick up the groom. Funnily enough, my amiga believed her – although, she was wondering where our Portuguese friend went. We agreed on waiting for his return before having dinner.

Obstacle #8 Sleepy head

My next task to perform was: Taking my amiga to the room and entertaining her. In the meantime our host’s girlfriend sneaked out of the house to prepare everything on the beach.

It was about 9.30pm already when my amiga was getting worried about her soon-to-be-fiancé since he wasn’t replying to any of her texts nor calls (I mean HOW – he was flying around whole Europe to get to Portugal). I told her that he probably went out – she didn’t believe me until he texted her the same thing (yes, I told him what to say). Relieved and relaxed again, she got very sleepy.

NOOOOO – how can I keep her awake?!! My solution: Singing… just keep singing!

I sang very loud various songs and she hated me for doing that. She’s such a nice person, though – she never would have yelled at me. Time passed by and she almost fell asleep a couple of times.

Obstacle #9 WHERE WERE YOU?!

Driving almost 150 km/h, the groom and our friend made it to the beach where he dropped the groom and returned to the house. He explained in a fantastic, inventive way why he was delayed.. for like 2 hours..

My amiga had no doubts – she believed his story.

(He apparently got caught by the police for driving too fast and getting arrested for not taking any driver licence with him. According to his anecdote, they set him free after promising to come back the other day with the required documents.)

Obstacle # 10 Suspicious

We convinced my amiga to get dressed again and drove to the beach.

‘I quickly need to check with the fishermen  if it’s ok for them when we’re going to have dinner on the other side of the rocks!’, said our Portuguese friend and walked away. Still thinking of her boyfriend’s ‘weird’ behaviour my amiga decided to call him.

They were literally 10m apart from each other… 🤦

He picked up the phone and explained her that he can’t talk now – he’d needs to focus on crossing a busy street (at 11.30pm in a tiny, quiet village). She hung up the phone believing everything. (I guess, she was starving and too tired to realise the implausibility).

Engagement #1 FINALLY

Our friend returned and he showed us the way to the other side of the cliffs. We walked down the stairs when she suddenly saw a huge heart made out of torch lights. She thought: ‘Oh, someone is certainly going to be engaged!’ until she realized that she was the one who was getting engaged. Her Quote: ‘What the f***!’ – I know, very romantic.

She said YES – we all cried (because of the beautiful event and because we basically lost our nerves on this journey as well but hey, we made it!).
It was such a wonderful moment!

And they lived happy ever after.. Oh no, hold on..

Next mission: The Wedding.. we’re (also mentally) preparing ourselves.

To be continued…


Stay positive!

Not everything is going to be good but there’s something good in everything.

Meditation – give me a break

Don’t we all know at least one person who claims that meditation brought them to a whole other level of living?

What is Meditation? As reported by my friends, it’s a mental break time from everyday’s life which strengthens you as an individual and your visions.

I was curious about finding out if I (as a hyperactive Person with a busy mind) am able to meditate to sort out and clarify my thoughts.

That’s why I’ve done some research on different websites. According to these sites the following points are significant to guarantee a meditation experience for beginners:

  • approx. 10 min silence
  • a comfortable position (sitting, laying)
    > the lotus position
  • a mantra: word/s that help you to let yourself flowing into a higher state of mind
    > ‘Om’, ‘Ham’, ‘Aum’
  • Focus on in-/exhaling
  • Focus on an object without thinking of anything else

I thought – oh, that’s easy!.. but it wasn’t AT ALL.

At first, it seemed a bit like the order ‘don’t think of a blue elephant’ while everyone automatically thinks of a blue elephant. Meditation is tricky… but I was inspired to insist on trying.

Eventually, I managed to meditate for 3 times a week which was a big achievement for a nervous person like me. Did it improve my concentration and the way I’m solving Problems? Yes, it did. I’m living my life calmer and clearer. I’m motivated to keep on meditating and to learn more about meditation an its values.

What are your experiences?



Boys, Boys, Toys

I experienced that most men are persevered to make a woman orgasm which is much appreciated. However, there’s something I need to tell you.

This post goes out to all men who feel emasculated or ashamed by sex toys.

Toys bring a special spark into bedrooms. Undoubtedly, they are never going to replace the amazing indescribable feeling of a penis inside us or any other body parts touching us. A sincere touch (physically and mentally) remains one of the most arousing and beautiful things for our body and soul. I wonder – why feeling emasculated when there’s absolutely nothing comparable to you and the power of your embrace? There’s nothing to fear.

Yes, talking about sex can be uncomfortable in some situations. However, after all it’s completely up to you of what you’re ashamed of. Therefore, be more confident! Be open-minded! Awesome sex happens if people interact with each other in an honest and open way. Let’s face it – we all do it and we love it – so, why not talk about sex?

Dear men, I must confess that I’m entirely jealous of women who are able to orgasm by just getting penetrated.  Don’t get me wrong – I love to feel your hardness and how you vary rhythms, frequencies and depths of penetration – it always blows my mind away.

There’s just one little problem… my vagina is biologically not built to be able to climax by penetration only.  Therefore, it has unquestionably nothing to do with you and your skills nor stamina – I just need someone or something who/which focuses on my clitoris (with or without penetration) in order to orgasm. You can’t generalise this fact, of course. Nevertheless, talking to my female friends made me realise that a lot of women agree on this.

Yes, you’re right – fortunately, I’m born with two hands and they actually could do the job. However, there’s a much more convenient way: Using toys. Using my hands seems always like a great alternative but it’s more likely to start hurting than pleasuring my clit with a toy would. Why refrain from using toys if you’re aiming for making me come (maybe even with you 😍)?

There’s a huge rage of various kinds and you shouldn’t hesitate to try all sorts. Find out more about yourself, your preferences and your libido.

At last sex with or without toys is incredible – enjoy yourself!

Higher Consciousness

What a crazy term!

The first time I’ve ever heard someone talking about the ‘higher consciousness’ was during my stay in Auckland. A good friend of mine took me to ‘the loft yoga lounge’ where everybody apparently understood the meaning of these mysterious words.

I’ve always been riveted by mystical sounding terms – so, I decided to stay and listen.

There was a young monk who revealed the meaning behind the ‘higher consciousness’ in a quite trivial way: Reaching the higher consciousness basically means that horizon and mind are broaden which particularly leads to a shift of the awareness of our own existence. This maintains a positive influence on our behaviour. The focal point shifts from seeing ourselves as a selfish individual to regarding ourselves as a part of life. The motivation to achieve certain goals transfers from being self-centered to collective.

Obtaining such a high state of mind means being aware of my own power to change something for the better in this world.

Is it worth aspiring to higher consciousness?

I’d say ABSOLUTELY – considering all the terrible, sometimes ridiculous things (for example the delusional ‘Selfie’ cult) that are caused by our self-seeking society while other living organisms face rough times. It’s time to reconsider our awareness of our existence and bring meaning into it.

Your life is a journey from unconsciousness to higher consciousness – Mary O’Malley

If you are interested to learn more – I loved this article written by Mary O’Malley:

The following video explains the meaning and the quintessence of the ‘higher consciousness’:


Temptingly delicious

‘Ginja’ (or ‘Ginjinha’) is a Portuguese cherry liqueur. It’s perfectly burgundy.
Oh dear… Speaking of it makes me (yearningly) remember fantastic days in Portugal.

The Portuguese truly understand the meaning of enjoying life. They had the lovely idea to serve this precious drink ‘Ginja’ in little chocolate Cups – such a great fusion!
It lets your spirits flow!

If you’re planning a trip to Portugal – I’d highly recommend you to taste ‘Ginjinha’ while getting high on the amazing sunsets.


Head, Heart, Vagina

I can’t wait until my head, heart and vagina decide.

It’s a never-ending story: People are (sometimes desperately) determined to find true love, following their own theories while trying not to betray their ideals.
Just like me ✌.

Define LOVE – such a big word… the definition is absolutely personal, whereas there’s no right or wrong. The hunt/desire for love (whatever love may mean to us) is as old as time.

Considering myself as a person who fears commitment and questions some ideals of  today’s society, I caught myself strengthening the case against any kind of relationships.

This had to stop. The willingness to work on my commitment issues awakened. I reconsidered my previous relationships and figured out my own little theory about three aspects that make me fight for a relationship or (in case of lacking one or two) run away.

My rational centre – I’m a sensible person. Therefore, things like an assured income, a reasonable educational background and ambitions are important.

My emotional hub – Feelings, people, places, objects, topics, dreams and hopes – aaah.. isn’t it incredible to have a place where everything is so pure. ‘It feels’… that’s probably one of the best ways to describe it. It simply feels… until it’s been influenced in a good or bad way by something or someone.
Interestingly, I must confess that my heart always ‘glowed’ the brightest of the three ‘areas’ throughout all of the relationships including the ones which would be considered as irrational and questionable. This is (what I’d call) the power of the weirdly amazing feeling called love.

Let’s call it “My Main Department of Lust” – Sex is important to me. I believe that good, effective communication skills and trust in each other provide a basis for incredible sex. Bubbling over with ideas while touching this topic: Finding someone with the ability and the knowledge of the art of a physical, psychological, emotional, artistic and culinary seduction would certainly be the icing on the cake.

To draw a conclusion: If a man is approved by my head, heart and vagina  – I’m going to stay with him until death do us part. The crucial factor isn’t the importance of every single aspect – the representation of this fabulous combination is decisive and makes it worth fighting for.

This is my personal opinion – I’m interested to hear yours.

What did you experience?
What is your theory?
Do we even need a theory?

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